**We are taking Honor Stone applications for 2024 ceremony dates. For questions and/or special requests, please email [email protected] or call 715-743-4224.


Text for Stone

Each line of the stone can have a maximum of 3 lines and 20 characters except for the Military Working Dog "One Liner" ($150) option which only allows for 1 line with 20 characters. Spaces are included as a character. 

Point of Contact for Stone

Please note that the point of contact will be the only one allowed to make changes to the stone. 

Other Notes and Information Needed

By checking this box, you understand that you will receive a printed letter confirming your stone purchase. If you don't receive a letter in the mail within 10 business days, please call The Highground at 715-743-4224.

The program printed for your day will list the stone's engraving, the honoree's hometown and the stone's sponsors. We would also like to include a brief bio (one or two sentences) about the honoree, so we may all know something special about the person you are paying tribute to with an honor stone. This could be the honoree’s favorite saying, wish, hope, what he/she believed or what they would like to be remembered for. Why are you honoring this person?  Is this a gift to them? Or a remembrance of them? Note: This information will not be engraved on the stone. It will be written for others at your ceremony to read in the program.

Electronic Signature

By signing here, I understand and acknowledge that The Highground has the right and responsibility to review and approve all applications and submissions for the Honor Stones and to the Registry. I also understand that the date I selected is the requested date. There is no guarantee that it will be the date my stone is laid. The donations coordinator at The Highground Veterans Memorial Park will confirm the placement date with the point of contact listed.

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